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 Sponsored by and the Broad Ripple Gazette, the Broad Ripple Photo Archive is preserving the history of the area and making it available for all to experience. By clicking on a red spot on the map below, you will see a list of photos taken near that location over a range of years.
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65th and Ferguson 63rd and College 74th and Westfield Blvd Broad Ripple Avenue at Burlington Broad Ripple Avenue between Guilford and Winthrop Broad Ripple Park north of parking lot Carrollton Avenue at 62nd Street Broad Ripple Avenue at Carrollton Avenue Broad Ripple Avenue West of Guilford Avenue Guilford Avenue north of BR Avenue Canal west of Central Broad Ripple Avenue east of Carrollton Avenue Broadway Park 57th and Central Avenue Ralston Avenue north of Kessler Boulevard College Avenue north of 54th Street Carrollton Avenue south of Broad Ripple Avenue Carrollton Avenue north of 61st Guilford Avenue north of 61st Glendale Mall 54th east of College Avenue between 62nd and 63rd and Carrollton Avenue intersection of College Avenue and Broad Ripple Avenue Broad Ripple Avenue West of Monon Trail Westfield Boulevard north of canal Westfield Boulevard north of 65th Street Westfield Boulevard south of White River Broad Ripple Avenue west of Evanston Westfield Boulevard just east of College CVS parking lot north side of canal Area between College and Westfield Broad Ripple Park 62nd and Central Ave 63rd and Central Ave Crittenden and Kessler Blvd White River near bend and BRHS White River just upstream of Broad Ripple dam White River by Williams Creek White River by BR Park ramp Alley south of BR Avenue east of Carrollton 63rd and Carrollton Indianapolis Art Center Monon Trail south of 54th Street Broad Ripple High School from Broad Ripple Avenue Kessler Boulevard at College Avenue - Mobil Station 61st and College Avenue Westfield Boulevard just east of College 64th and Guilford Avenue Broad Ripple Avenue - 1400 block College Avenue south of Kessler Boulevard Westfield Boulevard south of 64th Riviera Drive at Monon Trail Cornell Ave north of 64th Ferguson Street north of Coil College Ave at Paxton 64th west of College Ave 61st and Carrollton Ave Westfield Boulevard east of Guilford Carrollton Ave south of 66th Guilford north of 62nd Guilford sorth of 62nd Westfield Boulevard just west of Guilford Broad Ripple Avenue west of Carrollton Avenue Broad Ripple Park near White River Broad Ripple map of photo archive

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